Mobile Related Terminology and Short Forms and meaning

We hear many mobile phones’ related words. Here are full forms of some such words for your reference:

CLDC – Connected Limited Device Configuration

MIDP – Mobile Information Device Profile

JAR – Java application ARchive

SIS – Software Installation Script or Symbian InStallation file

SISX – Same as SIS file but for Symbian OS v9.1 and later phones

GPRS – General Packet Radio Service

GSM – Global System for Mobile Communication

CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access

TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access

GUI – Graphical User Interface

JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group

MBM – MultiBitMap (Symbian OS specific image format)

SDK – Software Development Kit

UI – User Interface

UID – Unique IDentifier

WAP – Wireless Application Protocol

WCDMA – Wideband Code Division Multiple Access

IDE – Integrated Development Environment

OS – Operating System

OTA – Over The Air

DVB – Digital Video Broadcasting

EDGE – Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution

DNS – Domain Name System

DRM – Digital Rights Management

BREW – Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless

And many more left. Hope this will add to your knowledge about mobiles. I will try to detail above terms in future posts.

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Full forms , Computer Related Full Forms words

  • ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  • AGP – Accelerated Graphics Port
  • APC – American Power Conversion
  • ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • ASIC – Application Specific Integrated Circuit
  • ASPI – Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
  • AT – Advanced Technology
  • ATI – ATI Technologies Inc.
  • ATX – Advanced Technology Extended
  • BFG – BFG Technologies
  • BIOS – Basic Input Output System
  • BNC – Barrel Nut Connector
  • COMPUTER – Common Operating Machine particularly Used For Tade, Education and Research.
  • CAS – Column Address Signal
  • CD – Compact Disk
  • CDR – Compact Disk Recorder
  • CDRW – Compact Disk ReWriter
  • CD-ROM – Compact Disk – Read Only Memory
  • CFM – Cubic Feet per Minute
  • CMOS – Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  • CPU – Central Processing Unit
  • CTX – CTX Technology Corporation
  • DDR – Double Data Rate
  • DDR-SDRAM – Double Data Rate – Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
  • DFI – DFI Inc. Design for Innovation
  • DIMM – Dual Inline Memory Module
  • DRAM – Dynamic Random Access Memory
  • DPI – Dots Per Inch
  • DSL – See ASDL
  • DVD – Digital Versatile Disc
  • DVD-RAM – Digital Versatile Disk – Random Access Memory
  • ECC – Error Correction Code
  • ECS – Elitegroup Computer Systems
  • EDO – Extended Data Out
  • EEPROM – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  • EPROM – Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  • EVGA – EVGA Corporation
  • FC-PGA – Flip Chip Pin Grid Array
  • FDC – Floppy Disk Controller
  • FDD – Floppy Disk Drive
  • FPU – Floating Point Unit
  • FSAA – Full Screen Anti Aliasing
  • FS – For Sale
  • FSB – Front Side Bus
  • GB – Gigabytes
  • GBps – Gigabytes per second or Gigabits per second
  • GDI – Graphical Device Interface
  • GHz – GigaHertz
  • HDD – Hard Disk Drive
  • HIS – Hightech Information System Limited
  • HP – Hewlett-Packard Development Company
  • IBM – International Business Machines Corporation
  • IC – Integrated Circuit
  • IDE – Integrated Drive Electronics
  • IFS- Item for Sale
  • IRQ – Interrupt Request
  • ISA – Industry Standard Architecture
  • ISO – International Standards Organization
  • JBL – JBL, Jame B. Lansing., Speakers
  • JVC – JVC Company of America
  • Kbps – Kilobits Per Second
  • KBps – KiloBytes per second
  • LG – LG Electronics
  • LAN – Local Area Network
  • LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
  • LDT – Lightning Data Transport
  • LED – Light Emitting Diode
  • MAC – Media Access Control
  • MB  – MotherBoard or Megabyte
  • MBps – Megabytes Per Second
  • Mbps – Megabits Per Second or Megabits Per Second
  • MHz – MegaHertz
  • NAS – Network Attached Storage
  • NAT – Network Address Translation
  • NEC – NEC Corporation
  • NIC – Network Interface Card
  • OC – Over Clock
  • OCZ – OCZ Technology
  • OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • PC – Personal Computer
  • PCB – Printed Circuit Board
  • PCI – Peripheral Component Interconnect
  • PDA – Personal Digital Assistant
  • PCMCIA – Peripheral Component Microchannel Interconnect Architecture
  • POST – Power On Self Test
  • PPPoA – Point to Point Protocol over ATM
  • PPPoE – Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet
  • RAID – Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
  • RAM – Random Access Memory
  • RAMDAC – Random Access Memory Digital Analog Convertor
  • RDRAM – Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory
  • ROM – Read Only Memory
  • RPM – Revolutions Per Minute
  • SASID – Self scanned Amorphous Silicon Integrated Display
  • SCA – SCSI Configured Automatically
  • SCSI – Small Computer System Interface
  • SDRAM – Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
  • SECC – Single Edge Contact Connector
  • SPARC – Scalable Processor ArChitecture
  • SOHO – Small Office Home Office
  • SRAM – Static Random Access Memory
  • SSE – Streaming SIMD Extensions
  • SVGA – Super Video Graphics Array
  • S/PDIF – Sony or Philips Digital Interface
  • TB – Terabytes
  • TBps – Terabytes per second
  • Tbps – Terabits per second
  • TDK – TDK Electronics
  • TEC – Thermoelectric Cooler
  • TPC – TipidPC
  • TWAIN – Technology Without An Important Name
  • UART – Universal Asynchronous Receiver or Transmitter
  • USB – Universal Serial Bus
  • UTP – Unshieled Twisted Pair
  • VCD – Video CD
  • VPN – Virtual Private Network
  • WAN – Wide Area Network
  • WTB – Want to Buy
  • WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get
  • XGA – Extended Graphics Array
  • XFX – XFX Graphics, a Division of Pine
  • XMS – Extended Memory Specification
  • XT – Extended Technology

You know Secret about Sundar Pichai (Google CEO)?

Sundar Pichai lifestyle Google surprised the world by announcing the appointment of a new CEO on 10th August 2015. It became a proud moment for the Indian community to see an Indian-born make it to the list of the CEOs in the Tech. Industry.
Pichai Sundararajan, more commonly known to us as Sundar Pichai was born in Madurai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, on July 12, 1972. He belongs to a lower middle-class family and had never experienced the luxury of watching television or traveling by car in his childhood.
His father Raghunath Pichai worked as an Electrical Engineer in General Electric in Chennai and therefore, the family lived in the city, at Ashok Nagar. His father was the manager of a factory that made components for electrical objects. The stories of the work challenges faced by his father always inspired Pichai. Pichai saw technology in his hands at the age of 12 when his father bought a land line phone for the house. He had an extraordinary skill of memorizing and remembering numbers. He could keep in mind all the numbers he dialed.
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Easy Way To Create Dynamic Pages On Blogger

No HTML no coding, this is easy to understand and implement, because of the new interface you now only need to copy and paste. If you want to create a page that you can add post to, i.e writing under it then you need to pay attention to this article as I’ll be teaching you the easiest simple and yet effective way of creating category pages that will carry all articles/posts on that category, as this makes your blog neat and organized it’s a must do.

1. Static Pages

2. Dynamic pages

Creating a Dynamic page is actually a challenge to the average user as +Blogger did not make the provision easy and simple enough to understand, while in WordPress even newbies are spoilt for choice in picking plug-ins that will do the job excellently. Creating that Dynamic page in Blogger the easiest way possible is what this post is all about, just read and pay attention to little details. In order for you to appreciate both pages let’s look at them critically especially when it comes to our platform Google’s Blogspot Blogger.

Dynamic pages Vs Static pages on Blogger

We’ve seen what Dynamic and Static pages are all about, now let’s see some reasons why you may need to pick Static pages over Dynamic ones and vice-versa.

Static pages on your blog

If you need an unmovable page, ones that will stand the test of time, then you need this, what what Still pages bring to your blog are, amongst them are

* Up to date information about you, your blog and what your blog offers- visitors will bank on this pages to get what your blog is all about.

* A Privacy Policy page is possible because of Still (Static) page.

* Any other information or collection of informations that are not likely to change for a long while are put on a Still page. E.g the title section of Blogger where description are written.

* Good for traffic and for Search Engine optimization and traffic (SEO & T)- Your keywords are put in the About Us and title sections which are then indexed

Set up Dynamic Pages 5 easy steps

1. First you need to create Labels and tag them on your post, because this interface need labels to work.

2. Copy the label’s Url, the one you want to make page on. E.g if it’s Technology page you want to create, copy the label’s Url or web address (this after you’ve tagged all your post on technology with the label technology).

3. Go To Layout > Pages > scroll down and select ” Add link page”

4. When it opens name the page e.g Technology and paste the web address your copied ealier then save it. Do this for other pages.

5. Optional > Rearrange the pages if you want. And don’t forget to label all your posts correctly.
Question me if you have problems, I’ll answer, otherwise share with others.

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Mytuner Radio Pro v52.3 apk

More than 120 countries and 30,000 radio stations available in our application, from sports to news and music and many others to choose from.
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There may be some stations that do not work because their stream is offline.This application is optimized for 3G networks and Wi-Fi.

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What’s New

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