Lenovo stops the release of smartphones under the brand Motorola

The Chinese manufacturer Lenovo smartphone combines their devices under a single brand Lenovo a moto and stops the release of devices under other names. About itwrite “Vedomosti” referring to the executive director of Lenovo’s mobile division in the Eastern Europe Alexey Klochkova.
New smartphones under the brand Lenovo moto will be presented on February 26, said pieces.

Lenovo in 2014 bought Motorola Mobility for $ 2.91 billion by Google. According to the company, the combined producer ranked fourth on deliveries of smart phones in the world market (excluding China).

In Russia in the last year the share of Lenovo was more than 8% in the number excluding Motorola devices sold, which corresponds to the third indicator, the market (ahead – Samsung with a share of 21.6% and Apple with 11.1%). According to a partner company of several cellular retailers, at the end of 2016 the share of smartphones under the brand Motorola in Russia took a little over 0.3%.

President Mildberry branding agency Oleg Beriev told the publication that the creation of a single brand moto for Lenovo smartphones can be explained by a desire to “blur the Chinese roots” and to show itself as an international company.

President of “Euroset” Alexander Malis, in a conversation with “Vedomosti” has suggested that use of the brand Lenovo moto can bring additional sales and customer loyalty. In other retailers believe that the emergence of smartphones under the brand Lenovo moto instead of Motorola devices will not affect the company’s sales of the device, as more buyers will be interested in is not the name, and the phone functionality, and cost.



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