Mobile Related Terminology and Short Forms and meaning

We hear many mobile phones’ related words. Here are full forms of some such words for your reference:

CLDC – Connected Limited Device Configuration

MIDP – Mobile Information Device Profile

JAR – Java application ARchive

SIS – Software Installation Script or Symbian InStallation file

SISX – Same as SIS file but for Symbian OS v9.1 and later phones

GPRS – General Packet Radio Service

GSM – Global System for Mobile Communication

CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access

TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access

GUI – Graphical User Interface

JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group

MBM – MultiBitMap (Symbian OS specific image format)

SDK – Software Development Kit

UI – User Interface

UID – Unique IDentifier

WAP – Wireless Application Protocol

WCDMA – Wideband Code Division Multiple Access

IDE – Integrated Development Environment

OS – Operating System

OTA – Over The Air

DVB – Digital Video Broadcasting

EDGE – Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution

DNS – Domain Name System

DRM – Digital Rights Management

BREW – Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless

And many more left. Hope this will add to your knowledge about mobiles. I will try to detail above terms in future posts.

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