Easy Way To Create Dynamic Pages On Blogger

No HTML no coding, this is easy to understand and implement, because of the new interface you now only need to copy and paste. If you want to create a page that you can add post to, i.e writing under it then you need to pay attention to this article as I’ll be teaching you the easiest simple and yet effective way of creating category pages that will carry all articles/posts on that category, as this makes your blog neat and organized it’s a must do.

1. Static Pages

2. Dynamic pages

Creating a Dynamic page is actually a challenge to the average user as +Blogger did not make the provision easy and simple enough to understand, while in WordPress even newbies are spoilt for choice in picking plug-ins that will do the job excellently. Creating that Dynamic page in Blogger the easiest way possible is what this post is all about, just read and pay attention to little details. In order for you to appreciate both pages let’s look at them critically especially when it comes to our platform Google’s Blogspot Blogger.

Dynamic pages Vs Static pages on Blogger

We’ve seen what Dynamic and Static pages are all about, now let’s see some reasons why you may need to pick Static pages over Dynamic ones and vice-versa.

Static pages on your blog

If you need an unmovable page, ones that will stand the test of time, then you need this, what what Still pages bring to your blog are, amongst them are

* Up to date information about you, your blog and what your blog offers- visitors will bank on this pages to get what your blog is all about.

* A Privacy Policy page is possible because of Still (Static) page.

* Any other information or collection of informations that are not likely to change for a long while are put on a Still page. E.g the title section of Blogger where description are written.

* Good for traffic and for Search Engine optimization and traffic (SEO & T)- Your keywords are put in the About Us and title sections which are then indexed

Set up Dynamic Pages 5 easy steps

1. First you need to create Labels and tag them on your post, because this interface need labels to work.

2. Copy the label’s Url, the one you want to make page on. E.g if it’s Technology page you want to create, copy the label’s Url or web address (this after you’ve tagged all your post on technology with the label technology).

3. Go To Layout > Pages > scroll down and select ” Add link page”

4. When it opens name the page e.g Technology and paste the web address your copied ealier then save it. Do this for other pages.

5. Optional > Rearrange the pages if you want. And don’t forget to label all your posts correctly.
Question me if you have problems, I’ll answer, otherwise share with others.

Via – anupsthapa.com



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